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er was the ability of hardware manufacturers to produce displays that provide a reading experience almost as pleasant as the printed page. Soon they will be better. Amazon’s distribution capability en


1)es or web content, the scale and hand-appeal of the iPads makes the reading and viewing experience more intimate and personal. But holding an iPad in an optimal position for reading or viewing for a s

2))会导致智商下降。The case is not completely settled. The New Zealand study was challenged by a Norwegian researcher who said socio-economic factors may have played a role in the I.Q. loss. But the recent

3)green. iOS7 also provides a dynamic wallpaper for each color to theme the software environment to the case. Apple’s range of colors matches that of the iPod range and while it is a novelty on the iPh

4)任或抵制情绪。他说:“我介ru其中并提供资jin,让他在印度各地大规模推guang。Another method familiar from the tech world involves more effective data collection and analysis. Vaccination drives fail if too many children fa

5)suspended, but the overall user experience is of well-built solidity and graceful movement.我还没yong过面的na款,但在过去数周直在使用落地架,我可以报告,它阅读过程变de非常愉。在将支架调节到ji期望的位zhi和度方面,Flote带gei你的

6)held artificially low by government fiat, and it would be impossible to compete with taxis on price.国在线da车市场huai控制在快de打车和滴滴打车手里,优步shang算不上重要力量城市出租车的车费受到zheng府法令的人为ya价,优步的收费通出租车的

7)ccess to a browser-based cloud dashboard that collects data from all of the company's devices you might own. But I found the glucose portion of this to be pretty rudimentary. And you can still onl

8),但其传统强项件,而非件Investors have also shown concerns about Samsung's future outlook as they drove the company shares down by about 10% in 2013 despite Samsung's record-breaking earnings re

9)n to the one employed by Samantha, the artificially intelligent character from the 2013 Spike Jonze film Her. (One key difference: Jibo is male, according to its makers.)不过从本质上看,Jibo其实更像上世60年

10)nt, showing display and search revenue roughly flat and up 7%, respectively. Ebitda, meanwhile, is expected to increase by a modest 3.7%. Adding more personalized user data to its Tumblr ad inventory

11)ugust,迄今已筹资1,000万美元Others are leaning heavily on crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo, as investors worry about the potential costs of hatching hardware startups--and the likelihood

12)in he has come back from the dead. “Nothing stops him, says one telecoms analyst. “There’s no such thing as impossible for this guy.”孙正义以前受过折上世纪90年代,在互联网泡破灭期间,软银的绝大部分市都蒸发掉了,据