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sh to announce the following: —中国将在未3年内再提30亿美元国际援助,用于持发展中国抗和恢复经济社会发展 China will provide an additional 3 billion US dollars in international aid over the next three years to su


. In short, I hope that both parties will come with sincerity and leave with a better understanding of each other. 新华社:此话前,美国国务院高官就职后首出访择日韩盟国,美日印澳也举了视峰会有分析认为美方此举意在拉拢盟

manner and with an open, transparent and cooperative approach. China has maintained communication with the WHO and provided support to the WHO mission during its research work in China. We will conti

1)China seen in the last year for its jobs in terms of quality and salary? And what specific measures will China take especially as the population ages? How has this affected consumption especially for

2)a Hui Autonomous Prefecture in Gansu.?把基层减负各项决策落到实to implement policy decisions designed to ease the burdens at the community level?东西部扶贫协作paired-up assistance between the east and the west

3)俄是全面战略协作伙伴。疫情何影响了俄关系?TASS: China and Russia are comprehensive strategic partners of coordination. What's the impact of the pandemic on Russia-China relations? 王毅:面对世情,俄肩并肩站在起,

tively safeguarded people’s wellbeing. 各地加大稳岗扩岗励力度,企业和员工共同克服困难渠道做好重点群体就业工作,持大众创业万众创新带动就业新增市场主体恢复快速长,创造了大量就业岗位。城镇新增就1186万人,年全国城镇调查失业率降5.2%。作为最大发:

1)the 7th century contributed significantly to the exploration of China's southwestern borders. 元朝12711368年)政府实现了西藏地方的有效管辖和治理元朝立总制(后称政),直接管理西藏地方事务,在西藏清查户口、置驿站、征收

2)everyone. 1949101日,华人民共和国成立,中国人民从此站立起来当家做主,真成为新国新社会的主人面对一穷二白百业凋敝的困难,中国共产党团结带人民自力更生艰苦斗,发奋图强重整山河在全国展轰轰烈烈的土地改革,延2000多年的封建土地制度废除,消除了

3)ities by more than 2.6 trillion yuan for the year, including 1.7 trillion yuan in social insurance premium cuts and exemptions. We adopted new approaches in implementing macro policies. The central go

4)of China's economy for the whole year, out of the belief that if we could add no less than nine million new urban jobs, we would be able to achieve positive growth of the economy. Employment helps to


2)espect it, protect it, and follow its laws. Failure to respect Nature or follow its laws will only invite its revenge. Systemic spoil of Nature will take away the foundation of human survival and deve

3)n-the-spot training. To enhance their ability in targeted poverty alleviation and eradication, we should cultivate officials to be well-versed in poverty reduction policies, capable of solving problem

4)h challenges, it is also an age full of hope. 人类社会应向何去?我应为子孙后代创一么样的未来?对这重大命,我们要从人类共同利益出发,以负责任度作出明智选择。Where should humanity go from here? What kind of future should

5)ecific measures based on local conditions to ensure that all poverty alleviation policies and plans will deliver. (from the speech at the Seminar on Targeted Poverty Elimination, February 12, 2018)2.