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Hong Kong Democracy Council, a Washington based non- government organization, said on Friday that the arrests were “blatant acts of political suppression by the Hong Kong government and the Chinese Communist Party”.


1)【Hoga】【n’s 】【resi】【gnat】【ion,】【 les】【s th】【an a】【 yea】【r in】【to h】【is t】【erm 】【in t】【rade】【 and】【 six】【 yea】【rs a】【fter】【 he 】【was 】【appo】【inte】【d Ag】【ricu】【ltur】【e Co】【mmis】【sion】【er, 】【mean】【s Ir】【elan】【d wi】【ll h】【ave 】【to n】【omin】【ate 】【a ne】【w re】【pres】【enta】【tive】【 to 】【the 】【comm】【issi】【on. 】【It m】【ay n】【ot r】【etai】【n th】【e sa】【me b】【rief】【 if 】【von 】【der 】【Leye】【n op】【ts t】【o re】【shuf】【fle 】【her 】【team】【.】

2)【The】【 po】【lic】【e s】【tat】【ion】【 wa】【s c】【los】【ed 】【and】【 is】【ola】【tio】【n p】【rot】【oco】【ls 】【put】【 in】【 pl】【ace】【 wh】【ile】【 au】【tho】【rit】【ies】【 ch】【eck】【ed 】【his】【 st】【atu】【s. 】【It 】【tur】【ned】【 ou】【t h】【e d】【id 】【not】【 ha】【ve 】【the】【 vi】【rus】【 th】【at 】【has】【 in】【fec】【ted】【 mo】【re 】【tha】【n 2】【,00】【0 A】【ust】【ral】【ian】【s a】【nd 】【bro】【ugh】【t m】【ost】【 of】【 th】【e c】【oun】【try】【 to】【 a 】【sta】【nds】【til】【l.】

3)The president has long accused the post office of charging too little for packages. Amazon founder and Chief Executive Jeff Bezos owns the Washington Post newspaper, which Trump has accused of unfair coverage of his administration.

4)【Th】【e 】【po】【or】【 “】【wo】【ul】【d 】【de】【fi】【ni】【te】【ly】【 b】【e 】【th】【in】【ki】【ng】【 w】【ha】【t 】【ki】【nd】【 o】【f 】【pr】【im】【e 】【mi】【ni】【st】【er】【 i】【s 】【th】【is】【, 】【wh】【o 】【ha】【s 】【pu】【t 】【us】【 i】【nt】【o 】【so】【 m】【uc】【h 】【tr】【ou】【bl】【e,】【” 】【he】【 s】【ai】【d,】【 u】【rg】【in】【g 】【pe】【op】【le】【 t】【o 】【un】【de】【rs】【ta】【nd】【 t】【he】【re】【 w】【as】【 n】【o 】【ot】【he】【r 】【op】【ti】【on】【.】

5)The pope said that on Friday evening he would deliver the extraordinary blessing from an empty St. Peter’s Square. The square, which is part of the Vatican, has been closed as part of a lockdown in Italy to try to contain the spread of the virus.

6)Hit to Canada estimated at around $5 billion or 0.6% of its GDP, while impact to the U.S. economy put at over $7 billion

7)The president of the European Union Chamber of Commerce in China said last month he doubted a deal would be concluded this year, voicing fears China was drifting toward isolation.

8)【The 】【poli】【cy c】【hang】【e co】【uld 】【open】【 up 】【sale】【s of】【 arm】【ed U】【.S. 】【dron】【es t】【o le】【ss s】【tabl】【e go】【vern】【ment】【s th】【at h】【ave 】【been】【 for】【bidd】【en f】【rom 】【buyi】【ng t】【hem 】【unde】【r th】【e 33】【-yea】【r-ol】【d Mi】【ssil】【e Te】【chno】【logy】【 Con】【trol】【 Reg】【ime 】【(MTC】【R), 】【Reut】【ers 】【repo】【rted】【 on 】【Frid】【ay.】

9)【HO】【NG】【 K】【ON】【G 】【(R】【eu】【te】【rs】【) 】【- 】【Ho】【ng】【 K】【on】【g 】【po】【li】【ce】【 a】【rr】【es】【te】【d 】【pu】【bl】【is】【hi】【ng】【 t】【yc】【oo】【n 】【Ji】【mm】【y 】【La】【i,】【 a】【n 】【ou】【ts】【po】【ke】【n 】【cr】【it】【ic】【 o】【f 】【Be】【ij】【in】【g,】【 a】【nd】【 t】【wo】【 o】【th】【er】【 p】【ro】【-d】【em】【oc】【ra】【cy】【 a】【ct】【iv】【is】【ts】【 o】【n 】【Fr】【id】【ay】【 o】【n 】【ch】【ar】【ge】【s 】【of】【 i】【ll】【eg】【al】【 a】【ss】【em】【bl】【y,】【 d】【ra】【wi】【ng】【 c】【on】【de】【mn】【at】【io】【n 】【fr】【om】【 i】【nt】【er】【na】【ti】【on】【al】【 r】【ig】【ht】【s 】【gr】【ou】【ps】【.】

10)【HONG 】【KONG 】【(Reut】【ers) 】【- Hon】【g Kon】【g rep】【orted】【 69 n】【ew co】【ronav】【irus 】【cases】【 on S】【aturd】【ay, o】【f whi】【ch 67】【 were】【 loca】【lly t】【ransm】【itted】【, as 】【autho】【ritie】【s con】【tinue】【d eff】【orts 】【to co】【ntain】【 a re】【surge】【nce o】【f inf】【ectio】【ns in】【 the 】【globa】【l fin】【ancia】【l hub】【 over】【 the 】【past 】【month】【.】

11)【Hond】【uras】【’ Vi】【ce F】【orei】【gn M】【inis】【ter 】【Nell】【y Je】【rez 】【said】【 the】【 gov】【ernm】【ent 】【was 】【work】【ing 】【to p】【reve】【nt p】【eopl】【e fr】【om m】【igra】【ting】【 ill】【egal】【ly, 】【incl】【udin】【g ef】【fort】【s to】【 imp】【rove】【 the】【 eco】【nomy】【 and】【 sec】【urit】【y.】

12)The police source said the attack, the latest on the strategically important town of Mocimboa da Praia, 60 km (40 miles) south of the gas projects, was “very violent” and the country’s defence and security forces (DSF) had suffered a number of casualties.